An open invitation to the smaller members of north London's bird population.

While beautiful and intriguing, many of our aviary neighbors are also extremely shy. In the presence of humans, their appearances are rare and brief; a glimpse here and there through branches and foliage. 

The project aims to draw birds in and prolong their stay. Simultaneously providing a stage, drawing attention to their existence among us, their behaviors and sounds. 

Blue tit feeding from perch

The feeder is comprised of two vessels, one contained within the other. The inner vessel holds seeds and possesses a series of dispensing apertures. Apertures also comprise the outer vessel which is more permeable, acting as a perching structure.


The feeder was 3D printed and parametrically designed, enabling the calibration of aperture sizes from one iteration to the next as well as a means of achieving feeders of different scales and configurations in the future. 

Exploded feeder elements