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The architectural surfaces which make up our buildings, streets, and cities are characterised by smoothness, flatness, and impermeability. They are built to remain clean, innate, and withstand change over time.

The proposal questions these qualities and presents an alternative through the design and construction of a rough and highly textured sculptural curtain-like element. Rather than conceal, this curtain reveals the vivid matter which is present in our urban surroundings.


Indents, pockets, and ledges allow seeds, spores, and other organic matter to accumulate while a network of crevices and grooves channel moisture across its complex surface. Over the course of a year the installation will gradually transform as local vegetation establishes and grows. As visitors pass by and through the alley, they can observe the phenomenon and experience it up close. The installation invites visitors to touch, gather, linger, and immerse themselves in its space.


Curtain elevation within alley

The installation attaches to a buildings alley-facing façade. It consists of twenty-five prefabricated panels mounted on a supporting steel structure. The Panels are made of a porous and bio-receptive concrete. Each panel is unique and is cast in a CNC milled mold.


Installation build up


Panel detail

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