A planter/throne hybrid to facilitate plant growth on the one hand and provide a unique place for rest and contemplation on the other. 

In order to create large-scale and bespoke elements in the absence of complex industrial machinery, a manual method for layered building using readily available tools and materials was developed. The throne was made using: a laptop, a projector, a wet vacuum, plywood boards and a blade.


To ensure light weight and good workability, a low slump concrete mixture is made using perlite as primary aggregate material. This mixture is then applied at an even height onto a plywood board. Next, a projector is used to illuminate the desired geometry on the wet concrete. With the use of a knife and a wet vac, excess material is removed. Layers are left to dry for 24 hours prior to being stacked and bonded to one another with mortar. Finally, a pigmented cementitious coat is applied to encapsulate, strengthen and protect the element. 

Wet concrete mixture on board

Access material removed

Even layer height with projection

Assembled elements 

Exploded throne with individual elements


Terraced throne coated, details